Responder: Fran Cain – Have We Destroyed Ourselves Yet?


Responder Author: Fran Cain
Writing Title: Have We Destroyed Ourselves Yet?
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The world is a topsy turvy storm, in vivid tones of primary colors of red, blue, and yellow and secondary colors of orange, green, and purple. I never know from day to day whether to run away from it in panic or succumb to the pressures.

I look at the news with one hand shielding my eyes, afraid for our planet, our society, our children. I see so much suffering. But I search for balance with the good in the world. So many people caring, everyday holding out their hands to help others in need, working to fix what is broken. Those are the people I want to emulate. The steadfast ones who know life has never been easy and that we prevail despite ourselves and our struggles.

I strive to tame my worries, organize them, and keep them in their place. Life is like a never-ending cyclone, vivid, moving and changing. By rearranging the colored shapes and squinting my eyes, I can see the rainbow. The violence of the storm only intensifies the colors once it has passed, and the sun returns. It always does.

Have we destroyed ourselves yet? My answer is no.

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