Yesenia Del Cid – Serenity

Artist: Yesenia Del Cid

Title: Serenity

Grade: 10th Grade

School: Contra Costa Christian School

Teacher: Artwork created independently

The child is surrounded by birds on a small raft. The raft represents the child’s life. As the child gets older the raft will grow with the child, eventually transforming into a ship. The color green, represents growth, renewal, rebirth, refreshment, peace, rest, security and youth. Green is predominantly represented in the child’s wardrobe. The child sees the world through a lens of youthfulness and innocence; hence the green eyes.

The birds that float in the air represent people in our lives. The birds in the picture aren’t all the same, they have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, impact and some are closer to you than others. Without these birdies, or should I say people, our raft of life would be lonely and cold. Family, friends, teachers, and others are here to support us along the way.

The raft is floating on the river of life, which symbolizes the flow of life. Life never goes the way you plan. Water is free and fluid and can be unpredictable at times. Like typhoons and floods- life is never going to be a straight smooth flow of water. Sometimes you will have those natural disasters that you’ll have to overcome by holding onto the raft of life.

As life goes on, the river of life will eventually falter, and so our raft – that eventually becomes a ship – will perish. Life has an expiration date. Enjoy admiring the blue sky with our friends and family while we still can. Let’s not distract ourselves with the impending doom of our end date. Let’s fill our lives with serenity.

Tears fall down the child’s face, this child feels alone on this raft. Just like you and me, the child has been through so much pain in life. The child’s emerald green eyes look up to the blue calming sky, and see the colors that fill the world realizing that there is so much more to life than just pain. One needs to keep our head up and look towards the blue sky, there you’ll recognize that there is so much more to life than misery and hardship. It’s okay to cry, but remember to keep your head up and let the majestic cloud filled blue skies calm your mind.

Serenity will eventually find its way to you, as long as you also search for it.