Walter Yip – Flowers of Prosperity

Artist: Walter Yip
Title: Flowers of Prosperity
Media: Rice paper and ink
Grade: 11th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Aram Muksain

I choose to draw a blooming flower along with the Chinese saying 花開富贵 (hua kai fu gui) because it is a tradition to welcome the Lunar New Year with lucky plants. During many holidays Chinese people often use the saying 花開富贵 (hua kai fu gui), which means a blooming flower brings prosperity. Many people will welcome the new year with plants in the hopes of having a good start to the year ahead. Plants with bright colour’s like red, green and yellow are used, while dark or white-coloured plants, or drooping appearances are avoided because these are usually associated with grief and pain. This painting was extremely hard to make. It required me to draw everything all in one take. Due to how rice paper spreads ink, any small mistake will spread uncontrollably across the paper and I would have to start over. This was a very hard project and it really tested my patience and persistence, but I’m glad I finally got my work to look like something presentable. The red characters in the red box is my mandarin name, it is like a signature that the artist usually stamps on but I don’t have a stamp so I drew it.