Walter Yip – A Glimmer Of Hope

Artist: Walter Yip
Title: A Glimmer Of Hope
Grade: 11th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Aram Muksian

This picture was taken in Oakland China town. This image was one of my favorites out of my documentary series A Glimmer Of Hope. With this picture I want to highlight the rapid growth of the homeless population in the United States. Homelessness has been a big issue for many decades. These individuals have been ignored by society. This at risk population is seen by society as lazy or addicts. If we look closely we would see that there is more to this at risk population than what society has labeled them as. There are many forces that affect homelessness. Social forces such as family separations, addictions, and mental illnesses coupled with lack of low-cost housing, insufficient health services, and poor economic conditions cause this population to increase everyday. Along with this is the extremely anti-homeless structures around the city, such as uneven/slanted benches, spikes, fences and much more. The government is spending way too much money on anti homeless architecture and not enough on welfare and access to resources for the citizens in need. We are all extremely privileged. I want us to reflect on how we treat this population and lend a hand to someone in need when given the opportunity.