Vannesa Hernandez – The Cluster of Moss Phlox

Artist: Vannesa Hernandez
Title: The Cluster of Moss Phlox
Media: Graphite
Grade: 12th grade
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Jessica Jurgens

In this piece it follows along a series of pieces showing what depression can be like for many people and the symptoms of it that aren’t really shown or given spotlight on, I wanted to bring more awareness to these symptoms. To tie onto this theme I wanted I wanted to involve flowers because I believe flowers can convey different feelings to everyone. For this specific piece I decided to show that depression can be shown even in someone’s living situation, letting their room clutter up and consuming them because they don’t have the strength to tidy up their room or even house. The moss phlox ties into the flower part of this piece by showing how it can spread and won’t stop. For this piece I decided to use paper and graphite to make the moss phlox more prominent throughout the piece.