* Honorable Mention: Valentina Varela – Hidden In Plain Sight

Artist: Valentina Varela
Title: Hidden In Plain Sight
Media: Clay
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

My art piece is a hummingbird looking into a mirror and the reflection coming out of it is my grandma. This past year two of my horses and my grandma passed away and I have grown up being taught that there is something beyond life. After my first horse died my mom gave me a book to read called signs, which is a book about people who have died and giving signs to their loved ones. After reading the book I had picked that my sign would be a hummingbird and the number one. Ever since then many hummingbirds have flown over my head or I’ve seen many sitting on a branch looking at me. So this artwork represents that my grandma and horses are always looking after me even when I feel alone. The most challenging part for me was drawing my grandma and making the hummingbird wings and beak without falling off. The most successful part was getting the hummingbird the way it looks now because I was able to make it stay together. I like art works with a lot of meaning behind them or just having a story behind the piece. This is also my very first year ever working with clay.