Thomas Edwardson – Parakeets at Salt-Lick, Ecuador

Artist: Thomas Edwardson
Title: Parakeets at Salt-Lick, Ecuador
Grade: 11th grade
School: Miramonte High School
Teacher: Kristin Lamoureux

Every day, animals of all sorts emerge from their hiding spots in the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest to feed at this salt-lick containing mineral nutrients to prevent animals from illness. The species can range from butterflies to jaguars, making this area a territory many fight over. I was waiting in the hot, wet, and dense jungle for two hours waiting for the screaming parakeets to drop down onto the lick. The birds were the loudest animals I have ever heard with my two ears in nature ever, like car horns honking over each other. Watching the birds arrive at the lick all at once made it hard for me to focus on one in particular, so I decided to capture all of them in one frame to present this crowded and colorful moment that I experienced.