Theo Holtzman – Mr. Frankenstein

Artist: Theo Holtzman
Title: Mr. Frankenstein
Media: Clay
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

My art is about a Frankenstein sort of style figurine, but with it’s own twist, incorporating some of my own imagination on fictional monsters and what people believe them to be. I rolled out a slab and measured and cut out the different pieces to create a hollow box for the head and the body, and used coils to create the arms and legs, as well as the designs on the body. The creation of the head and body came to be difficult, since it is hollow, so it broke in once in a while, and I had to go through the trouble to fix it, though I found the facial details, as well as the legs to be very successful, since the facial details sticked on very well and were very detailed, and the legs were able to withstand the weight of the rest of the body, since this figurine can stand up. About myself as an artist I’ve never really had much experience at all with art like clay building, and this was all a learning experience for me. I will say that this was very challenging because all of the techniques I used are all fairly new to me.