Responder: Susan Erickson – Clap


Initiator Author: Meghan Joyce Tozer
Writing Title: Winner Takes All
Price: $55

Responder Artist: Susan Erickson
Artwork Title: Clap
Size: 24 x 24″
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $625

“Winner takes all,” you told me. “We don’t clap for losers.”

Soon I was captain of the track team, training twice a day. Starving. When it mattered most, I ran my fastest.

From the podium’s second step, I searched the crowd. You were there. You weren’t clapping.

Years have softened your hands and your memory, and finally, I run free. Even ran here today for our weekly visit. Later, if there’s space on the patio, I’ll push your wheelchair under the awning, spoon-feed you mashed peas, and retell it so I won the Gold.

In my version, you clap every time.

© 2022 Meghan Joyce Tozer