Teah Morris – Sky Garden Melody

Artist: Teah Morris
Title: Sky Garden Melody
Media: Wood and paint
Grade: 12th grade
School: Orinda Academy
Teacher: Steven Yu

Paint brushes and POSCA paint pens on 21”x12” wooden board I found in my closet. I am not a painter. My main medium is sketching and inking. I wanted to push myself with this piece. I wanted to create a beautiful and whimsical nature scene using things I have learned this year. I practiced painting something I struggle with, trees. I used elements of three point perspective to give distinct layers and subtly disorient to make the viewer feel a sense of wonder. I utilized the size and shape of my “canvas” by choosing specific composition of the design. And I practiced using light and shadow to enhance the overall piece.  I’m really proud of this piece and I believe it showcases some of the new skills I’ve learned as an artist!