Responder: Ruth Stanton – Signs of Angels


Initiator Author: Joni Keim
Writing Title: Inspiration
Price: NFS

Responder Artist: Ruth Stanton
Artwork Title: Signs of Angels
Size: 28 x 30″
Medium: Acrylic
Price: $869

Many years ago, I had a touching experience that occurred one lazy afternoon when my friend’s daughter, five-year-old Abby, wanted me to read her a story. She had chosen her favorite book which had many little drawings of angels. She eagerly brought it to me and then climbed into my lap. As I was reading, Abby put her tiny index finger on one of the little angels. She innocently looked up at me, a bit sadly, and softly said, “Did you know that my friend doesn’t know she has guardian angels?” We sat together in silence briefly, and then I answered, “No, I didn’t know that.” Abby perked up, smiled brightly, and said, “I love mine.” “Me too,” I replied and then continued reading.

Later, I reflected on this heartwarming moment with Abby. I was grateful that she knew about angels and that she felt connected to them and trusted them. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all children were introduced to angels, and just as importantly, introduced to the concept of angels—beautiful, celestial beings that lovingly and endlessly watched over them. Later, as they grew up, these children might discard the notion, but the knowledge of angels would be there. I hoped that Abby would not forget about her guardian angels.

Angels are heavenly beings, and every major religion makes references to them. Angels are loving, peaceful, and non-judgmental. They are neither male nor female but may have qualities that lean them toward the nature of one or the other, so they may be referred to as “he” or “she.”

Angels have different personalities and responsibilities. There are angels that work closely with the Creator, with other angels, and as warriors. There are those responsible for watching over the breadth of mankind, and others that are focused on children. There are angels designated for writers, artists, animals, soldiers, and sensitive people. Angels are available to everyone—anytime and anyplace. They never abandon anyone.

Angels may show us signs or symbols when they are nearby or when they want to communicate with us. Some of these include finding a feather (especially a white one), seeing flashes or twinkles of light, having a sense of being touched or not being alone when there is no one nearby, having dreams or daydreams about angels, seeing angelic images in the clouds, or catching a whiff of an unexplained pleasant aroma.

When my children were young, their favorite angel was Gabriel. Gabriel has a variety of responsibilities. He is devoted to families, especially children. He is known as the angel of communication which includes all forms of expressive art, such as drawing, painting, singing, acting, and writing. Sometimes, he will deliver special messages in our dreams, and he offers emotional support and guidance. Gabriel’s symbols are a trumpet and the moon. His special colors are copper and white. The aromas that relate to him are orange, ginger, and lavender.

My personal connection to angels developed over my seventy-plus years and is based on my belief, hope, and experiences of their presence in my life. I imagine that everyone has angelic experiences, though they may not recognize them as such. Angelic occurrences are extraordinary and offer a great, unforgettable sense of peace and joy, even when pondered in retrospect.

My experience with dear little Abby, inspired me to write a book for families and children about angels. It is called Angels for Our Children.

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