* 3rd Place: Ruby Grandy – Frog Eating Bug

Artist: Ruby Grandy
Title: Frog Eating Bug
Media: Wire sculpture
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Kelsey Jones

I started by creating an armature of the shape of a frog out of wire. I then shaped the arms and legs by bending the wire in a waving pattern to form fingers. I attached each part and limb by wrapping wire tightly. After the frame was finished and the parts were attached, I wrapped wire several times around the frame lightly so that it wouldn’t be too tight, but it would also cover the inside parts. I created the wire fly mostly from paper clips, using full paper clips for the wings and unfolding and wrapping other paper clips for the body. Then, I wrapped the body in thin copper wire. I constructed the tongue of the frog by threading a piece of wire through one of the holes in the front, where I thought the mouth would be, and twisted that with copper wire to make a sturdy support for the fly. I attached the fly by wrapping some more copper wire around it.