Responder: Pam McCauley – Soul Sisters


Initiator Author: Suellen Cox
Writing Title: Jessie Etchells, Late Summer 1912
Price: NFS

Responder Artist: Pam McCauley
Artwork Title: Soul Sisters
Size: 25 x 25″
Medium: Watercolor & charcoal sketch
Price: $489

Before the world unfurled
in a flash of Kodak color,
you were there
at Asheham house
in 1912,
preserving in a curve,
a line,
an angle,
a familial and familiar arrangement
and the measured life of Jessie Etchells.

What developed here
between two essential women
not kin,
yet clear eyed conspirators
aligned by their art
and fixed to a point and place in time?

Your canvas,
transparent as a negative
in one brief exposure
captures this,
a depth of field
and sympathetic heart
back lit
by gray stone steps
and vermilion terrace.

© 2023 Suellen Cox