* 3rd Place: Rachel Chan – Pieces of My Identity

Artist: Rachel Chan
Title: Pieces of My Identity
Media: Mixed media
Grade: 10th grade
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Jessica Jurgens

In this piece I wanted to show the different layers of my identity. To convey different parts of me I used layers of puzzle pieces. The top layer is my outward appearance, painted with acrylics, and is the least important part of me. The next layer shows my passions, like playing piano, so I added sheet music. The third layer is very important to me, my ethnicity. I used my old Chinese New Year dress and cut up red envelopes (given on the Chinese New Year). My family name is the character on my left cheek. My deepest layer is made up of book pages, which could be interpreted as my love for reading, but is intended to show how I see myself and things I believe in. Around my piece I put a quote that I believe in, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind,” by Dr. Seuss. Looking at the whole piece, you can see that all parts of my identity come together to make who I am.