Nicola Haskett – The Elephant

Artist: Nicola Haskett
Title: The Elephant
Media: Clay
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

I really enjoy creating pots, especially using the pinch pot technique. I knew for this piece I wanted to incorporate the pinch pot technique. But, I thought that would be too simple. I also love animals, and I wanted to combine the two ideas. I decided to do an elephant pot, and later decided it would be a candle holder. This piece is made out of clay. I used the pinch pot technique for the pot part of this piece, slab building for the ears and part of the head, and coil building for the trunk and tail. The pot part was the easiest part of this piece, and the trunk was the hardest. I was very worried the trunk was going to fall while or after it was made, but fortunately, it did not. Clay is not my specialty in art, and I do prefer drawing when possible. But when this opportunity arose, I knew I had to give myself the challenge. I hope you enjoy my piece, “The Elephant.”