* 1st Place: Natalie Mangani – Pieces of Identity

Artist: Natalie Mangani
Title:  Pieces of Identity
Media: Watercolor, ink, and collage
Grade: 11th grade
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Jessica Jurgens

This artwork is a self-portrait, and it is a representation of my family background and my own interests. In regards to the background, I used ink pen and watercolor to illustrate the birds and the places. The places are Salem and Sacramento, where my grandparents live, and Walnut Creek, where I live. I also have an interest for birds, which started when my mother introduced me to birdwatching. I cut up magazine pages for the portrait and cat, and I used different types of paper for the hair and clothes. Each playing card making up the artwork was made individually, then secured to a larger piece of paper at the end. With this self-portrait, I hoped to capture my mixed background and the way that my family has helped shape my identity.