Initiator: Marian Sims Harris – Fading Into the Fall


Initiator Artist: Marian Sims Harris
Artwork Title: Fading Into the Fall
Size: 24 x 28″
Medium: Etching
Price: $1,359

Responder Author: Ophelia Leong
Writing Title: Whispers in the Ether
Price: $135

Whispers in the ether
Angels residing in the between-ways
Wings of soft moonlight made feathered
Drifting onto earth
Yet never melting like Icarus’
Tragic wax plumage

If those feathers could speak
What tales of travels
Along cloud puffs
Or of sailing the waves of deepest night
Would they share?
They watch the turning of seasons
With unflappable wonder
As earth changes her own plumage
Once again

Thus Fall arrives like a lady knight
on a great steed
Ploughing through the vestiges of
Summer’s grand exit
Wind gusts through the night
Irascible as the tides
While seraphim howl
Lost in a moon storm
And every glide of feathers
Is a mystery waiting to be considered
The cherubim fade into the night
Waiting for the golden amber sunshine
Of Fall’s harvest smile

© 2023 Ophelia Leong