Leonardo Siu – Elephant Cup

Artist: Leonardo Siu
Title: Elephant Cup
Media: Clay
Grade: 10th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

I am intrigued by elephants and I enjoy creating minimal yet detailed ceramic pieces. This is why the ceramic piece I created is a minimal cup, shaped to look like a cartoonish-cute elephant. I started by making a simple pinch pot cup and creating the ears of the elephant by using an elephant ear template I cut out. After making the ears and attaching them, I created the eyes of the elephant with a rounded chopstick to press on the cup. The trunk was made by constructing a thick coil which I made thinner on one side and shaped to give it its curving shape. Lastly, I attached the trunk to the cup and poked a hole at the end of the thin part of the coil. Making the trunk was also the most challenging part for me as I didn’t really know how to begin the process of building it. Fortunately making the trunk and everything was successful. To complete the piece I had envisioned, I created a plate with a leaf imprint on it. This was constructed by using a large real leaf which I utilized to press on a flat piece of clay. With this leaf imprinted clay, I cut out the excess clay. Finally, I placed this plate in a wide bowl so that it would gain its plate shape. I left this leaf in the bowl for a day until I took it out. This leaf plate turned out to be successful as the imprint of the leaf shows.