Juliet Jones – Burnin

Artist: Juliet Jones
Title: Burnin
Grade: 11th grade
School: Campolindo High School
Teacher: Collette Sweeney

I created this piece when trying to document generational trauma. Every year, we have to go to school in the dark (that is if we get to go to school at all) and do homework by candlelight. We rarely know when the power will turn back on, nor if we will be the next to evacuate. All the while, smoke is everywhere, clinging to our clothes, stinging our eyes, invading our lungs. Yet, it is something we accept, something we compliantly watch every year for nothing is ever done about it. That is what this picture was created to reflect. I intended a forlorn and helpless mood through the color scheme and single focused object. It is a combination of two images, one of the branch, and the other of smoke. Both images were taken on a D40 Nikon. I then warped the leaves and some of the background in photoshop to better illustrate combustion.