Julia Brandt – Memory

Artist: Julia Brandt
Title: Memory
Grade: 12th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Aram Muksian

In this piece, I am working to portray family and how the process of making memories can be captured. I chose to depict a moment where, as a young child, I am cooking with my grandma using a simple graphite pencil representation of this moment. In the background, I have included pieces of her recipes in her handwriting to add more meaning to the piece and to capture the process of her creativity. My grandma’s creative expression was through cooking. It was in this way that she passed down the traditions, memories and love to her family. Creating wonderful food was something that my grandma enjoyed and was very good at. She not only prepared traditional foods but she also taught her children and grandchildren how to make them. In this piece, I have worked to capture this transfer of the family tradition by capturing the two of us working with our hands in the dough, quietly enjoying the process of creating one of the unique dishes that represent the traditions and memories of our family. I wanted to incorporate the recipes in a way that did not overpower the image, rather to have them support the action of the piece and the connection between my grandma and me. To do this, I chose to utilize Photoshop to layer a collage of recipes that could become the background for the drawing, thus allowing the drawing to stand out against the recipes.