* 2nd Place: Jayden Thai – The Eye of the Beholder

Artist: Jayden Thai
Title: The Eye of the Beholder
Grade: 11th grade
School: Miramonte High School
Teacher: Stacey Churchill

This piece is overall supposed to embody ideas of surrealism like transformation, levitation, and dislocation. My piece was digitally made in photoshop with the use of only 3 brushes and blending modes. My concept is a reflection of my inner thoughts as the surrealism movement inspired me to let my subconscious mind guide me through this design. After looking at my final piece, curiosity may be flared within the audience, making them wonder about the background behind my character. However, like my design process, I want the audience to also experience the aspects of surrealism and allow their subconscious mind to guide them to create their own story for this piece. Thus, there is no story behind my character except for whatever the audience interprets.