Jack Paris – Coil Pot

Artist: Jack Paris
Title: Coil Pot
Media: Clay
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

My work is about my passion for coil buildings. It is my favorite type of ceramic art and when I heard I could make a project that is up to me, I decided to make a coil pot because it is so fun to do. For the pot, I rolled out a slab of 3 inches worth of clay. I tried my best to cut a good circle in the middle for my base. After I cut out my base, I used my needle tool to carve out coils that I would then attach to the base. I made the coils a little bit longer after every level so that it would look like a usual bowl or pot. After each level, I would score the clay so it would stay on better. I tried adding handles but they kept falling off so I eventually gave up on them. Besides that, I am happy with the final product.