* 2nd Place: Irene Yoon – Explosion of Color

Artist: Irene Yoon

Title: Explosion of Color

Grade: 11th Grade

School: College Prep

Teacher: Yousun Kim

I was inspired by the beauty of powerful social rights movements, the Black Lives Matter movement in particular, and how the BLM movement seemed to gain traction as quickly as an explosion. There is something so powerful and breathtaking about people coming together to protect one another, and I wanted to depict that with an explosion of color. Since crowns are often representative of the wearer’s power, I chose to arrange the patterns together on the girl’s head like a crown with both inorganic and floral designs. The crown’s juxtaposing designs are a symbol of the unique state that our inventions have of being both natural and unnatural, including our complex ideas of justice and equality.