Initiator: Stacy Spell – Lookout Gang


Initiator Artist: Stacy Spell
Artwork Title: Lookout Gang
Size: 12 x 18″
Medium: Photograph on metal
Price: $165

Responder Author: Jill Hedgecock
Writing Title: The Watchers

Camouflaged on red ruinous clay
Atop a termite-mound outpost
Six pairs of beady red eyes

A gang, a mob
Of noisy chatter—
The ever-watchful dwarf mongooses

Hilltop sentry
Alert for snakes
Pythons, cobra, black mamba
Deadly enemies must
Kill or be killed

Three dutiful pointed faces
Stare ahead
Wary of the tribe of
Jackals stalking through grass

One vigilant lookout
Eyes a marabou stork to left
Too distant
To vocalize
Terrestrial predator alarm

Right sentinel
Fascinated by twitching tail
of spotted feline
Dozing leopard
Not yet a threat

Perched tawny eagle
Takes flight
Aerial predator alarm call
Silences chatter

Twelve beady eyes
Disappear into
Red ruinous clay tunnels

© 2023 Jill Hedgecock