Initiator: Mark Monsarrat – Diablo Majesty


Initiator Artist: Mark Monsarrat
Artwork Title: Diablo Majesty
Size: 24 x 30″
Medium: Oil in panel
Price: $2,039

Responder Author: Dorothy Edwards
Writing Title: Majestic Mount Diablo

Conceived in chaos, fire, brimstone,
Lava and mud nurtured in the amniotic fluid of an ocean floor,
Drifting eastward for millennia, ever eastward to its destiny,
Where it grinds, smashes, thrusts skyward.
Finally, the birth of the mountain,
Devil Mountain.

At its million-year birthday,
Double pyramid peaks, broad shouldered, husky, sprawling,
No Hood or Fuji this mountain.

When draped with a lace of snow or ringed with fire.

Wildflowers bloom,
Golden eagles soar above this island sanctuary.

A reminder of Sacred Time.

The edge of existence for its Globe Tulip
Evolved or stranded on this mountain, its only worldly stronghold.
A paradise for the whipsnake, the badger, foxes, voles.
The Coulter pine ends its northern journey here.

Visible from miles and miles away,
The weary traveler’s welcome home.

© Dorothy Edwards