Initiator: Kaleo Ching – Sources


Initiator Artist: Kaleo Ching
Artwork Title: Sources
Size: 22 x 30″
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $1,630

Responder Author: Elise Dirlam Ching
Writing Title: Sources
Price: included with artwork

Ancestors dance on the dome of dreams
like northern lights
and shimmer on the path of days,
echo in the pattern of our steps
and the slow rhythmic tap of deep stirrings

Up in the bare-eyed night
near Andromeda’s innocent thigh
the galactic wraith’s two-million-year-old light
began its journey to the living pupil
prior to the first ancestor’s thought
of beginnings or endings

The tracks that are the loop
and memories and map of the loop
tell like ancient glyphs
the story of those who made them
and bind us like dark matter stretching
far beyond the waking eye

© 2023 Elise Dirlam Ching