Ethan Kim – Creation

Artist: Ethan Kim
Title: Creation
Grade: 11th
School: Las Lomas High School
Teacher: Artwork created independently

The vast expanse of outer space has always attracted me. Traveling the globe for some dozen years, I have always sought to see a wider world that would not confine me to a small stretch of land. At some point during this journey across sea and land, a phenomenon known as the Pillars of Creation attracted me to the final frontier. The outstretched “fingers” of these pillars seemed to grasp an incomprehensible object as they created new stars and life. Most fascinating of all was the fact that those events that unfolded in my eyes had occurred many thousands of years ago. With this revelation, I came to view outer space as the one entity capable of surpassing time, that space is the beginning as well as the end. In my piece, two hands extend across different stretches of time, creating life in their wake.