Emma Caroline Avery – Fruit Splash

Artist: Emma Caroline Avery
Title: Fruit Splash
Grade: 10th grade
School: Acalanes High School
Teacher: Artwork created independently

When taking this photo, I had to be in a room that was completely dark. There was a fish tank in the room filled with water and taking this photo required three people. I had to have a person dropping the fruit into the fish tank, a person holding a manual flash, and a person taking the photo, which was me. I took this photo using a 42 mm lens that let in a lot of light. I had to manually focus the lens before taking the photo in order for the fruit to come out clearly. Before taking the photo, I had to have the person who was dropping the fruit hold the fruit in the water so I could manually focus on it in order to ensure the photo would not be blurry. The camera settings I used were a shutter speed of four seconds, an aperture of f8, and an ISO of 100. The shutter speed was four seconds because due to the room being completely dark, I would have someone use a manual flash whenever the fruit hit the water. We counted down from three seconds and at the third second, the person holding the fruit dropped it into the water. At the last second, the flash went off and that’s how the camera captured the fruit and the water splash. When editing this photo in Photoshop, I had to use many tools in order to make it look how it does now. I had to remove many of the air bubbles that were on the fish tank using the healing tool and crop the picture to remove the top and bottom of the tank. I then had to use various healing, dodge and burn, and exposure tools in order to achieve the photo I wanted.