Emilie Tham – When Pigs Fly Video Game Screen

Artist: Emilie Tham

Title: When Pigs Fly Video Game Screen

Grade: 10th Grade

School: Miramonte

Teacher: Stacey Churchill

In 2018 I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Girls Make Games, a coding camp for girls. I made a game called When Pigs Fly, your goal was to avoid the birds and retrieve the apples.
The second assignment that we had in digital design was to design a video game screen. I knew right away that I would want to bring back one of my favorite memories. I looked back at the rough character design from 2018 and polished characters, game components, and background. I knew that I had to make the screen come alive even though it was 2D.
I used Adobe Illustrator and imported the original components to trace then tweak.

Originally the game was 8 bit, so everything was pixels, but I knew that to make this piece come alive I had to play with color and shapes. I stuck to a round stroke brush that would give a perfectly smooth and complete feel. To pair the brush I stuck to a toned-down color pallet, I picked colors in the same color range, not anything that was too bright, but not too dull. I picked some colors from Truffles (the pig) and changed the tone for the background of the buttons and eaten bar.

To make this truly feel complete I added shadows to the buildings, clouds, truffles, and skyline. I personally felt that adding shadows would make it come alive, like everyday objects.
When getting critiqued by my peers, they said that they enjoyed the skyline, and I have to agree. I knew I had to fill in the original empty space, to do that I was going to add more buildings, but that would look distracting, especially with that amount of colors, so I opted for a simple grey skyline. This helped with the depth in showing how high in the air the characters were.

Lastly, even though it feels complete if I had more time I would have finished an original idea I had, which was to animate this! I had the components prepared to get Truffles to kick and have its wing flap. But overall I feel that this piece turned out perfectly as it came straight out of my mind.