Elise Waters – The Slaughterhouse

Artist: Elise Waters
Title: The Slaughterhouse
Media: Clay
Grade: 9th grade
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Michelle Cho

I am very passionate about animal rights, so I wanted to do something about that. This piece is a slaughterhouse, but with yellow caution tape that is used at the scene of a crime wrapped around it, with the words “animals have rights” showing that the slaughterhouse is off-limits. For this project, I only used clay. When building the slaughterhouse, I used the slab building technique. To make the caution tape, I took a coil and rolled it out until it was flat. When I first started putting the building together, a part of it collapsed so I had to make one of the sides again. Despite that, I really love how it turned out and how simple it is. I love making really simplistic pieces out of clay.