Becca Libby – Blinded by the Light

Artist: Becca Libby
Title: Blinded by the Light
Media: Ceramic, acrylic paint, electrical wires
Grade: 12th grade
School: Miramonte High School
Teacher: Gavin Kermode

I’ve always been fascinated with human features and the way in which people convey emotion through facial expressions. I’ve taken a liking to sculpting heads — often with blank expressions that leave room for interpretation. When my best friend came to me with an unopened lamp kit during our crafts class, I immediately knew that I wanted to create a “head and face” lamp. I made the base of the lamp entirely from scratch out of ceramic; it contains four faces in total, each painted a different color. I chose to leave the faces without eyes because it brings some irony to the piece, considering that the light emitted from lamps helps people better see their surroundings. After firing the base, I purchased a white lampshade to paint. I started out by painting a “brain pattern” on the shade, but later added several different internal organs and teeth. As to why I did this — I don’t really know. However, after firing the base, I was well aware that the piece looked pretty unsettling and wanted to “complete the look”, I suppose. Lastly, I built the lamp kit, assembled all of the pieces together, screwed in a lightbulb, and plugged it in. The lamp is fully functional and was a joy to create!