Ashley Xu – Revival

Artist: Ashley Xu

Title: Revival

Grade: 12th Grade

School: Campolindo High School

Teacher: Artwork created independently

This piece depicts two girls sitting next to a lake in the foreground with the winter snow behind. The girl wearing a pink dress looked lovingly at her friend in yellow, whose attention was caught by something outside of the frame with a hand over her chest. The overall theme of the drawing is leaving the winter behind as we enter spring; the season that symbolizes “rebirth” with animals awakened from their slumber and plants re-growing. However, in this drawing, I want to depict not just the rebirth of nature, but also the freedom of minorities and leaving old feudal traditions behind. The dresses that the two girls wear no longer serve as a restriction of movement and symbol of obedience. The girls are confident in their attire; their skin shone and completely owning themselves, looking comfortable at home.