Alysse Brown – Ms. Universe

Artist: Alysse Brown
Title: Ms. Universe
Grade: 12th
School: Bentley Upper School
Teacher: Aram Muksian

In this piece I explore the representation of our environment through the human form. If nature were seen as a being rather than a thing, what would it look like? Often, nature and Earth are referred to using female pronouns, so I decided my piece would reflect inspiration from aspects of the female body and be combined with the environments I chose (Earth). Ms. Universe is a reference to the Ms. Universe beauty pageant. While making this piece I thought of the comparison of the preservation of the beauty of women versus the preservation of our planet. While women are often shoved advertisements for de-aging creams and makeup, humanity has destroyed habitats and has changed our normal climate patterns, affecting not just animals, but us. Earth, as she floats and continues her orbit around the sun, she will live and recover like she always has, but what about us? How long will humanity last if we continue down this destructive path? Is it too late to change?