Art of Mixology Curbside Pickup for Cocktail Kits

Cocktail Kits Available for Pickup

Pickup of Art of Mixology Kits is now complete!

Below are the dates and times our volunteers will be in Orinda Theatre Square for Curbside Pickup. We will have a table in front of Starbucks, near the fountain at Orinda Theatre Square. Pull up, give us your name, and we will hand your kit through the window or place it in the trunk. Just don't forget to take it out as soon as possible -- many of the kits include fresh ingredients!

Thu. Oct. 1, 5pm-7pm
Fri. Oct. 2, 11am-1pm
Sat. Oct. 3, 11am-1pm

Thu. Oct. 8, 5pm-7pm
Fri. Oct. 9, 11am-1pm
Sat. Oct. 10, 11am-1pm

Thu. Oct. 15, 5pm-7pm
Fri. Oct. 16, 11am-1pm
Sat. Oct. 17, 11am-1pm

Thu. Oct. 22, 5pm-7pm
Fri. Oct. 23, 11am-1pm

Thu. Oct. 29, 5pm-7pm
Fri. Oct. 30, 11am-1pm

If your plans have changed and you will NOT be able to pick up on one of the available times listed, you may follow THIS LINK to pay for shipping -- be sure to adjust the quantity if you need us to ship more than one kit. If you ordered a Combo Kit (all FIVE kits for $200), you may use THIS LINK for shipping.

Featured Spirits

Reminder that the alcoholic portion of these recipes is not included in the kit. Click HERE for a list of local and online spirits retailers. These retailers have agreed to stock spirits featured in our Art of Mixology craft cocktail kits. Pricing and availability may vary.
  • Chipotle Bloody Mary: Tahoe Blue Vodka
  • Betty's 7pm: Banks 5 Island Rum
  • Fall'ifornia Dreamin': St. George Breaking & Entering American Whiskey and St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur
  • Smog in the Noggin: St. George Terroir Gin and St. George Absinthe
  • Two Faced: El Mayor Tequila