Visual Arts

The Lamorinda Arts Council (LAC) supplies two very important instructional tools for the Orinda Union School District (OUSD) Visual Arts Program. Every single OUSD student receives 1st & 2nd Grade Art Books and 3rd Grade Sketchbooks during those educational years.Orinda Arts Council Art Book

The 1st & 2nd Grade Art Books, designed by the OUSD Visual Art Teachers, are financed and produced annually by the LAC. The art books contain hands-on progressive art lessons that provide the essential steppingstones to build artistic confidence and are aligned to meet California standards of visual arts. The teachers find the art books an invaluable tool in introducing young students to visual arts and each student takes their art book home at the end of the school year.

For OUSD 3rd graders, the LAC annually finances 3rd Grade Sketchbooks, a personal, spiral-bound sketchbook used by each student in his or her classroom for drawing and other art lessons. Again, the teachers utilize the the sketchbooks throughout the school year and send them home at the end of the 3rd grade with the students to share with their families.

These instructional tools help build the artistic foundation that creates the student artists participating in the OUSD Art Ambassadors program, which provides the opportunity to exhibit their art work each spring at the Orinda Library Art Gallery. The program is also financially and logistically supported by the LAC. For more information, please see OUSD Art Ambassadors.