Exhibitor Information & Instructions

Anyone interested in exhibiting should contact the Art Gallery administrators. The gallery is currently taking reservations for exhibits starting in 2019.

Important Documents and Instructions for exhibitors are listed below.

The Orinda Library Gallery is located adjacent to the Orinda Library and consists of four exhibit areas:

  • White Wall - The West facing wall adjacent to the Auditorium doors
  • Wood Wall - The South facing wood paneled walls across from the entrance to the Orinda Library
  • 4 Tier Cab - The South facing cabinet adjacent to the Auditorium doors, perpendicular to the White Wall
  • 3 Tier Cab - The West facing cabinet parallel to the White Wall and at the corner of the gallery

Install and take down dates: 

All installs and take downs will take place on the first day of each calendar month (except January and February).  The take downs will be at 10:00 am. The installs will be at 11:00 am. The curators Maggie Boscoe and Natalie Wheeler will be there to unlock and relock the cabinets, answer questions, and assist you if needed. If there is a need to change the 1st of the month install and take down date, we will give as much advance notice as possible.

Instructions for Exhibiting Art in the Orinda Library Art Gallery

Artists interested in displaying their art in the Orinda Library should do the following:

Review the calendar for exhibits to find a suitable date when you would like to exhibit your collection. The calendar is posted on this website. You will probably have a three year wait for a wall and a two year wait for a glass case, as the gallery is a very popular venue. When you contact the curator, she will let you know which month is the first available.

Visit the Orinda Library Gallery at 26 Orinda Way;  Note the cabinet and wall dimensions of the exhibit area. The cabinet and wall dimensions are posted on this website. 

Review the terms and conditions of the liability waiver. The Liability Release form is posted on this website. The artist must sign the release form and list your art on the back with the price of each piece. The release form and full list of art on display must be delivered with the art on the installation date and given to a representative of the Lamorinda Arts Council.

Artwork Acceptance. The Orinda Library Gallery is a public place adjacent to the library, with all ages of patrons using the facilities. Artwork displayed must be appropriate for all age groups, including children. If you have any quesitons about your artwork in this gallery, please email gallery@lamorindaarts.org. Artwork will be approved for display at the discretion of the Lamorinda Arts Council, the City of Orinda, and/or the Orinda Community Center.

 Contact the curator Maggie Boscoe at gallery@lamorindaarts.org and provide the follow information 

  • Artist Name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone Numbers (home and cell)
  • Dates when you desire to exhibit your art at the Orinda Library Art Gallery
  • Description of the type of art you wish to display
  • Link to a Website showing examples of your art

Individual artists who exhibit at the gallery are required to join the Lamorinda arts council for a special artist membership fee of $25.  Artist group (family) membership is $75. These fees should be paid to the arts council through the Lamorinda Arts Council member support webpage or by sending a check to the arts council at PO box 121, Orinda Ca., 94563. The fees for membership must be paid no later than three months in advance of your exhibit. Membership includes the news letter which tells about the arts events in the area, and it also includes an art card which provides discounts to local restaurants and events. All membership fees go directly to our programs for the schools and community.

Installing your art:

Artists are required to install their own art. Artists must bring their own ladder to install art on the auditorium white wall. You may need a 5 foot ladder to move the hanger wires from side to side. There are two different hanging systems for the art. Both systems require wall art to have a wire spanning the entire width of the back side of the frame. Artists should wire the frames before the art is brought to the Library. 

Absolutely no tape is allowed to be used to adhere artist information on any walls. Please use mounting putty which leaves no mark after removal. Our volunteers have a supply of mounting putty on hand if needed.

The gallery is on the second floor of the library. We suggest artists not install or take down their art alone as the logistics of mounting, toting the art to and from the car can take quite a long time. You may park in the parking lot under the library and use the elevator. There is a drop-off ten minute parking spot on the street in front of the library.

Selling your art and Commissions: 

You may sell your art during your exhibit either by direct contact with the artist or through the arts council website (e-commerce pages coming soon) and the arts council requires a 20% commission. All of the money will go directly to promoting the arts in the schools and community. 

Install and take down dates: 

All installs and take downs will take place on the first day of each calendar month (except January and February).  The take downs will be at 10:00 am. The installs will be at 11:00 am. The curators Maggie Boscoe and Natalie Wheeler will be there to unlock and relock the cabinets, answer questions, and assist you if needed. 


There are four spaces listed on the calendar on the website.

  • White Wall - The West facing wall adjacent to the Auditorium doors
  • Wood Wall - The South facing wood paneled walls across from the entrance to the Orinda Library
  • 4 Tier Cab - The South facing cabinet adjacent to the Auditorium doors, perpendicularto the White Wall
  • 3 Tier Cab - The West facing cabinet parallel to the White Wall and at the corner of the gallery
  • Each wall will hold up to forty paintings.
  • Each case can hold up to forty or fifty items. 
  • Dimensions can be found on this website.


Receptions are a lot of fun and a good opportunity to sell your art.  The artists should send out invitations or emails and invite people to attend. Artist will plan their own receptions. This should be done three months before your reception.  The Contra Costa Department of Health has regulations about food service at receptions in public buildings. 

Food for receptions must be bought from a certified kitchen. You cannot bring home made food. You can buy food at any grocery store or bakery. Anything that goes in a refrigerator such as deli meat, cheese, or dip should sit on a bowl of ice. Other food such as nuts, crackers, vegetables, cookies, grapes, or other fruit does not require ice. Red wine or colored drinks are not allowed to avoid staining the carpet. 

The city will allow only one reception per month, so if there are three or four individual artists, they must coordinate a reception and share the cost of food and drinks. Receptions should be planned approximately three months in advance of the opening of the exhibit so the date can be approved by the City. Please email Maggie at gallery@orindaarts.org to request a date and time for the reception. You should send her a first, second, and third choice. This request must be sent eight weeks in advance in order to get this information in the Orinda News. Maggie will confirm your date and time with the city.   Most receptions are scheduled on the first weekend after the installation. Friday and Saturday receptions must end by 5:30, and Sunday receptions must end by 4:30. You can also have a reception on a week night until 7:30. Receptions usually last for one and a half to two hours. 

Tips For Orinda Library Art Gallery Receptions

People like having refreshments while viewing the art and meeting the artists - it really makes a difference in how long they stay! Please ask friends/family/colleagues to help – “many hands make light work.” Elana from the Orinda News will bring copies of The Orinda News so artists can pass out copies of the article about the exhibit.

Minimum - one rectangular table for light refreshments. Tables are in the Gallery Room to the right of the small glass display cabinet. Table(s) are placed along the wall where the restrooms are located or in the main gallery but not blocking any glass entrance doors, or blocking either display cabinet or restrooms. If possible have two tables; one for drinks and one for food.

The Gallery Room is available for artists and their friends/family to stash needed items for reception set up and break down. There are also chairs which can be placed here and there at the reception, which older folks appreciate.

Presenting artists must provide: tablecloths, paper/plastic cups, napkins, paper plates, non-homemade food, NO RED LIQUIDS, wine, soda, etc. The city provides the tables and chairs. If your reception is on a weekend you must get a key to the garden room and bring out the tables and chairs. If your reception is during the week, the staff will move your tables and chairs for you.

Artists are instructed to bring non-homemade food items per Health Dept. rules.  Here’s some examples: cheese plates (please avoid smelly cheeses), salami, sushi, veggie platters with dip, cookies, candies, cupcakes, corn or potato chips, (accompanied by bought guacamole, salsa, spinach dip, artichoke dip, etc.). But it’s really up to those involved and what works for them. 

For drinks (any non-red liquids) examples include but are not limited to: flavored or plain mineral water, sparkling cider, white wine, champagne, lemonade, apple juice, white grape juice.

If you want to open either of the glass cabinets during the reception make sure to ask Maggie Boscoe to be present with the key so she can open it; otherwise cabinets are kept locked. 

If you want to add people who attend the reception to your (or your organization’s) mailing list, provide a sign-up sheet for their contact info. It’s OK to leave promotional info/cards, etc., there about your work/organization for people who visit during regular Library hours during the month. A small table is provided in the gallery.

Clean-up: Leave the Gallery just like you found it. Return table(s)/chairs if used back to Gallery Room. It helps to ask in advance for help to close up so you’re not frantic at the end. If you are holding your reception on a Sunday, remember the Library and Gallery close earlier - 5:00, so schedule your end time 4:30 allowing at least a half hour to clean up.  If your reception is on a Saturday, it should end at 5:30. Week night receptions can last until 7:30.

Designate helpers to take photos of the artists, the works presented, and the people at the reception. Then the artists can concentrate on meeting people and discussing their work, not taking pictures. Ditto with monitoring refreshments during the reception; let helpers handle that.

FYI: There are 24-hour surveillance cameras in the gallery. There is new LED lighting (including the two display cabinets) so that even at night the artworks are well-lit. When people attend events in the Auditorium, artworks are illuminated so they can be fully appreciated day or night