Exhibitor Information & Instructions

Anyone interested in exhibiting should contact the Art Gallery administrators. We are currently booking the walls for the fall of 2020 and the glass cases for 2018.

The Orinda Library Gallery is located adjacent to the Orinda Library and consists of four exhibit areas:

  • White Wall - The West facing wall adjacent to the Auditorium doors
  • Wood Wall - The South facing wood paneled walls across from the entrance to the Orinda Library
  • 4 Shelf Glass Case - The South facing cabinet adjacent to the Auditorium doors, perpendicular to the White Wall
  • 3 Shelf Glass Case - The West facing cabinet parallel to the White Wall and at the corner of the gallery
  • Click Here for the specific Gallery Dimemensions.

Instructions for Exhibiting Art in the Orinda Library Art Gallery

Artists interested in displaying their art in the Orinda Library should do the following:

Review the calendar for exhibits to find a suitable date when you would like to exhibit your collection. The calendar is posted on this website. There may be a three year wait for a wall and a one year wait for a glass case, as the gallery is a very popular venue. When you contact the curator, she will let you know which month is the first available.

Visit the Orinda Library Gallery at 26 Orinda Way.

Review the terms and conditions of the liability waiver. Click here to download the Libability Release form.  The artist must sign the release form and list your art on the back with the price of each piece. The release form and full list of art on display must be delivered with the art on the installation date and given to a representative of the Lamorinda Arts Council.

Artwork Acceptance. The Orinda Library Art Gallery is a public place adjacent to the library, with all ages of patrons using the facilities. Artwork displayed must be appropriate for all age groups, including children. If you have quesitons about the suitabillity of your content, contact the curator.  Artwork will be approved for display at the discretion of the Lamorinda Arts Council and the City of Orinda.

To request an exhibit, contact the curator Maggie Boscoe at gallery@lamorindaarts.org and provide the follow information 

  • Artist Name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone Numbers (home and cell)
  • Dates when you desire to exhibit your art at the Orinda Library Art Gallery
  • Description of the type of art you wish to display
  • Link to a Website showing examples of your art


Individual artists who exhibit at the gallery are required to become Arts Partners of the Lamorinda Arts Council for $25.  Organizations who exhibit in the gallery should join the program at the $100 Organizational level.  These fees can be paid here, or by mailing a check made out to Lamorinda Arts Council to PO Box 121, Orinda CA, 94563.  Please ensure you are a paid Arts Partner within 3 months of your exhibit.  Becoming an Arts Partner will allow you access to many wonderful perks associated with the Lamorinda Arts Council. 

Installing your art:

Artists are required to install their own art.  The arts council will provide a 6 foot ladder  to assist you in moving the hanger wires from side to side on the white wall.  There are two different hanging systems for the art.  Both systems require wall art to have a wire spanning the entire width of the back side of the frame.  Artists should wire the frames before the art is brought to the Library.

The gallery is on the second floor of the library. We suggest artists not install or take down their art alone as the logistics of mounting, toting the art to and from the car can take quite a long time.  The arts council has arranged for the driveway in the back of the library to be open on the install days. Drive into the parking lot on the right side of the library and then left to the back of the building.  This way you won’t have to use the elevator or stairs.  

Selling your art and Commissions: 

You may sell your art during your exhibit either by direct contact with the artist or through the arts council website (e-commerce pages coming soon) and the arts council requires a 20% commission. All of the money will go directly to promoting the arts in the schools and community. 

Install and take down dates: 

All installs and take downs will take place on the first day of each calendar month (except January).  The take downs will be at 10:00 am. The installs will be at 11:00 am. The curators Maggie Boscoe and Bill Carmel will be there to unlock and relock the glass cases, answer questions, and assist you if needed. 


There are four spaces listed on the calendar on the website.

  • White Wall - The West facing wall adjacent to the Auditorium doors
  • Wood Wall - The South facing wood paneled walls across from the entrance to the Orinda Library
  • 4 Shelf Glass Case - The South facing cabinet adjacent to the Auditorium doors, perpendicularto the White Wall
  • 3 Shelf Glass Case - The West facing cabinet parallel to the White Wall and at the corner of the gallery
  • Each wall will hold up to forty paintings.
  • Each case can hold up to forty or fifty items.



Receptions are a lot of fun and a good opportunity to sell your art.  The artists should send out invitations or emails and invite people to attend. Artists will plan their own receptions. This should be done three months in advance. 

The Contra Costa Department of Health has regulations about food service at receptions in public buildings.  Food must be bought from a certified kitchen. You cannot bring home made food. You can buy food at any grocery store or bakery.  You can bring nuts, crackers, vegetables, cookies, grapes, cheese, chips,etc. You will also need to bring table cloths, flowers, paper plates, cups and napkins.  Red wine or colored drinks are not allowed to avoid staining the carpet.  Good suggestions are sparkling water, 7up/Sprite , lemonade, and/or white wine.

Starting with August of 2017, the gallery has pre-scheduled Artist Receptions for the Artists.  They typically will take place on th first Sunday of the month's exhibit, form 2:30 to 4:30, with 30 minutes of set up and clean up.  The Artists must coorindate the reception together and share the cost of food and drink.  For weekend receptions, please ask the librarian or curator to unlock the Gallery Room to access the tables and chairs you will need.

If your exhibit takes places this year prior to August, you must schedule your reception approximately three months in advance of the opening of the exhibit so the date can be approved by the City.  Please email Maggie at gallery@lamorindaarts.org to request a date and time for the reception. You should send her a first, second, and third choice. This request must be sent eight weeks in advance in order to get this information in the Orinda News.  Maggie will confirm your date and time with the city.   Most receptions are scheduled on the first weekend after the installation. Friday and Saturday receptions must end by 5:30, and Sunday receptions must end by 4:30. You can also have a reception on a week night until 7:30. Receptions usually last for one and a half to two hours. You will have 30 minutes to clean up before the building closes.   Custodians will set up tables for weekday receptions, but if you are having a reception on the weekend, please ask the librarian or curator to unlock the gallery room so you can bring out the tables. You can also set up some chairs.

People like having refreshments while viewing the art and meeting the artists - it really makes a difference in how long they stay!  Elana from The Orinda News will bring copies of the paper so artists can pass out copies of the article about the exhibit.  Designate someone to man the refreshment table and replenish food and drinks, and take picturs for you, so the Artists can mingle with guests and discuss the art.  Enjoy your reception!